It's time for justice in Palestine.

13:51 Jul 20 2015 Swannanoa, NC, USA

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The Palestinians are being unjustly targeted. Israel with US support is illegally taking land from many innocent people. The Palestinians are captives. It is a racist move by Israel.
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No time to be silent!

00:19 Jul 18, 2015

Brevard, NC, USA, 31.44 Kms

Get involved. Be a voice for the people of Susiya.

01:08 Jul 29, 2015

Blowing Rock, NC, USA, 54.89 Kms

End Israel's Expulsion of Palestinians From Their Homes

01:03 Jul 18, 2015

Augusta, GA, USA, 148.44 Kms

Stop the illegal taking of land!!

22:41 Jul 17, 2015

Atlanta, GA 30345, USA, 161.48 Kms

No More Genocide..!

13:57 Jul 17, 2015

Marietta, GA 30008, USA, 171.16 Kms