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Israeli abomination 0 Verified

01:00 Jul 16, 2015

The monstrous Israeli intent to destroy a Palestinian village is an extreme expression of inhumanity and denial of basic human rights. How... More Information » « Less Information

Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA

stop Israeli tyrrany! 0 Verified

00:46 Jul 16, 2015

When Israel acts like a bully, with bulldozers and military force, they give Palestinians without hope a reason to resort to violence. This... More Information » « Less Information

San Mateo, CA 94403, USA

I care. 0 Verified

00:38 Jul 16, 2015

Much gratitude to all who are working for peace including our representatives. More Information » « Less Information

Los Altos, CA, USA

I care. Please help! 0 Verified

13:33 Jul 15, 2015

We haven't been able to bring peace to the Palestinians who lost their land 60 years ago, but we can save this village from destruction! These... More Information » « Less Information

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Human Rights-International Law 0 Verified

13:31 Jul 15, 2015

Palestinian Villagers in the West Bank have a right to build on their own land, have water, educate their children, be treated with respect... More Information » « Less Information

Hartland, MI 48353, USA

Moral imperative 0 Verified

13:27 Jul 15, 2015

As Americans, we have both the moral imperative and the privileged voice to speak up when those in Israel/Palestine are being harmed. Our tax... More Information » « Less Information

San Jose, CA, USA

281-290 of 293 Reports
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