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Atoning for the trees I bought 0 Verified

00:21 Jul 21, 2015

I have learned that the 10-cent tickets I bought from Ellen E. in the third grade (1947-8) to plant trees in Israel were sold by the Jewish... More Information » « Less Information

San Diego, CA 92122, USA

Stop Israel from Stealing Land And Homes 0 Verified

23:35 Jul 20, 2015

I had my home and business stolen by corruption Persecution sucks, Stop stealing peoples homes and lives! More Information » « Less Information

Portland, ME, USA

Stop the demolition of Susiya Village... 0 Verified

23:08 Jul 20, 2015

The Palestinians have the right to maintain their village and their ancestral land. This is a plea for justice for the Palestinians. More Information » « Less Information

San Jose, CA, USA

Please leave Palestinians in peace. 0 Verified

23:01 Jul 20, 2015

Arabs don't immigrate into Palestine; the Palestinians were already there by 1947, for decades and centuries. Their homes are their HOMES; please... More Information » « Less Information

Poulsbo, WA 98370, USA

Support the Palestinian People 0 Verified

22:48 Jul 20, 2015

I am a Jew who opposes the Zionist dislocation and oppression of the Palestinian people, and feel compelled to add my voice to those of the... More Information » « Less Information

Pennsylvania 15221, USA

Peace, Respect, Justice. 1 Verified

22:28 Jul 20, 2015

Peace will come through mutual respect - never through the might is right principle. More Information » « Less Information


It's time for justice in Palestine. 0 Verified

13:51 Jul 20, 2015

The Palestinians are being unjustly targeted. Israel with US support is illegally taking land from many innocent people. The Palestinians are... More Information » « Less Information

Swannanoa, NC, USA

The Israelis are horrific to demolish Susiya 0 Verified

13:49 Jul 20, 2015

The Palestinians have lived for at least a thousand of years in Palestine along with the Jews. They are the true owners of Palestine. The Jewish... More Information » « Less Information

25 15th Place, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA

51-60 of 293 Reports
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